RenderPal RpRcCmd命令使用

省略的参数默认使用RenderPal V2\Server\Config\RenderPalSvr.cfg中的配置

RpRcCmd -server "localhost:7506" -login "username:password" -listrenderers -compact
RpRcCmd -server "localhost:7506" -listpools -compact
RpRcCmd -query "pool:Default pool"
RpRcCmd -query "pool-clients:Default pool"
RpRcCmd -query "netjob:*"
RpRcCmd -query "pool:*"
RpRcCmd -login "Admin:" -control_pool "start:Default Pool"


RpRcCmd -nj_splitmode "2,6" -nj_name "test" -nj_renderer "3ds Max/2009" -outfile "result_.jpg" -outdir "F:\RenderTest\render test3\render" -nj_pools "Default pool" -log -importset "render test3.rset" "F:\RenderTest\render test3\Max\scenefile.max"

RpRcCmd -nj_splitmode "2,6" -nj_name "test" -nj_renderer "3ds Max/2009" -outfile "result_.jpg" -outdir "F:\RenderTest\render test3\render" -nj_pools "Default pool" -log -width 800 -height 600 -fstep "1" -frames "0" -continue true -bmppath "F:\\RenderTest\\render test3\\renderimgs" "F:\RenderTest\render test3\Max\scenefile.max"

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